Planners & calendars made of paper - printed and for self printing

Paper-based calendars and planners that help you achieve what really matters to you.


Every day we are confronted with a flood of digital impressions and distractions. Long term planning on paper should last longer than just one click.


Develop an exact plan and a map how to tackle your objectives to realize your visions and dreams.


The planners of the Round Method are like a portable navigation device and help you reach your goals and live your dreams.


No matter if you have small goals or big goals, a particular lifetime-dream or just want to note down birthdays, study for exams or keep track of other events.

The Round Method - Circular Calendar

The Round Method - Circular Calendar

Annual goals, visions and resolutions in the middle.

Round project plan for longer project phases.

Weekly view for sub-goals and tasks.

Daily view for events and deadlines.


The whole year at a glance

From the vision and the big annual goals in the middle, to the weekly and daily level. With its innovative zone concept the Round Method - Circular Calendar offers a perfect overview at any time.

Overview or details?  Overview And details!

It bridges our bigger objectives and resolutions and the things we do on a daily basis. All sub-goals and subtasks are visible at any time, while you still have an eye on the big picture.

Versatile and multifunctional

Perfect to reach your goals, focus on your vision, pursue your dreams or just use as a calendar to note down birthdays or other events.

Printable Year Planner

(Download, PDF, printable in any size)

 19.90 €

Printed Year Planner

(170g/m² paper, 27.6x39.4in / 70x100 cm)

24.90 €

The Round Method - Monthly Planner

Monthly goals, most important tasks & todos Inscribable, ideal for Post-Its & Kanban

Daily view with much space for details

Monthly conclusion with next steps

Works for any month


One Month on one Page

Round Method Monthly Planner is a printable monthly planner.

Get an overview of your next month and achieve whatever goal you want to pursue.

Aligning your goals and your tasks

It is the perfect link between year planner and week planner and helps you align your bigger plans and goals with your daily activities.

Works for everyone

No matter what you are up to, the Round Method - Monthly Planner is a perfect fit: For product developing, for studying, for your next project, for planning your next vacation.

Printable Monthly Planner

Monthly Planner for self printing 
(Download, PDF, scalable)

14.90 €

Printed Monthly Planner

Printed Monthly Planner
(120g/m² paper in format A2, folded to  A4)

from  2.99 € / Piece

The Round Method - Weekly Planner (free)

The Round Method - Weekly Planner

Fill in the three most important tasks of a day.
Include three subtasks per task.

Time bar for meetings and appointments.

Overview of coming weeks.

Colored index showing the current month.


One week at a glance

The Round Method - Weekly Planner helps to structure and declutter your week and get the things done that really matter to you.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

No matter what the three most important tasks of your day are, the weekly planner keeps them in written form and breaks them down into subtasks.

Daily tasks with an eye on the big picture

Take time and concentrate on the essential things, to have more time for the important ones.

(image on the left shows the German version, English version is availaible)

Digital Version (for free)

(Download, PDF, A4/A3, printable in any size)

About The Round Method

Nowadays nearly everything is digital. But despite all our digital tools and helpers we still use small sticky notes to write down our thoughts. Pretty interesting, isn't it?


It seems that all these modern apps can´t satisfy our demand for "real", "traditional" planning, for touching the paper with our hands and for the smell of fresh paper and ink.

We miss the process where our thoughts flow directly through our arm and the pen onto the paper, where they get eternalized.

Why aren´t there any great "analog" planners, with aesthetic design and meaningful functions which give us back the things we are craving for?


Well, there are - The Round Method.