Circular Calendar 2021 (Printed Version)

Circular Calendar 2021 (Printed Version)

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Year Planner

(Printed Version)


    • Space for annual goals, visions and resolutions in the middle

    • Round project plan for longer project phases

    • Weekly view for sub-goals and task

    • Daily view for events and deadlines

    • Works for every year (not time-bound, start at any time)

    The whole year at a glance

    From the vision and the big annual goals in the middle, to the weekly and daily level. With its innovative zone concept the Round Method - Circular Calendar offers a perfect overview at any time.

    Overview or details?  Overview And details!

    It bridges our bigger objectives and resolutions and the things we do on a daily basis. All sub-goals and subtasks are visible at any time, while you still have an eye on the big picture.

    Versatile and multifunctional

    Perfect to reach your goals, focus on your vision, pursue your dreams or just use as a calendar to note down birthdays or other events.


    Printed Version

    Size:               approx. 27.6 x 39.4 inches / 70x100 cm
    Version:          2.0
    Language:      English

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