Circular Calendar 2022

    From the vision and the big annual goals in the middle, to the weekly and daily level.

    Annual goals, visions and resolutions in the middle.

    Round project plan for longer project phases.

    Weekly view for sub-goals and tasks.

    Daily view for events and deadlines.

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    Monthly Planner

    Round Method Monthly Planner is a printable monthly planner. Get an overview of your next month and achieve whatever goal you want to pursue.

    Monthly goals, most important tasks & todos.

    Ideal for Post-Its & Kanban.

    Daily view with much space for details.

    Monthly conclusion with next steps. Works for any month.

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    Weekly Planner (free download)

    The Round Method - Weekly Planner is a free printable calendar; paper-based, offline, efficient.

    Fill in the three most important tasks of a day.

    Include three subtasks per task.

    Time bar for meetings and appointments.

    Overview of coming weeks.Colored index showing the current month.

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