Person holding Circular Calendar Planner Poster pdf and printed

Circular Calendar 2024

From the vision and the big annual goals in the middle, to the weekly and daily level.

🚀 Annual goals, visions and resolutions in the middle

🌈 Round project plan for longer project phases

📆 Weekly view for sub-goals and tasks

✔ Daily view for events and deadlines

🌐 Available as northern & southern hemisphere variant (seasons)

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Person holding Monthly Planner Poster to print and fill out. Size A2

Monthly Planner

Get an overview of your next months and achieve whatever goal you want to pursue.

✓ Monthly goals, most important tasks & todos.

✓ Ideal for Post-Its & Kanban.

✓ Daily view with much space for details.

✓ Monthly conclusion with next steps.

✓Works for any month.

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Picture of free printable weekly planner in A4 Format to fill out, track your progress and reach your goals

Weekly Planner (free download)

Free printable calendar; paper-based, offline, efficient.

✓ Fill in the three most important tasks of a day.

✓ Include three subtasks per task.

✓ Time bar for meetings and appointments.

✓ Overview of coming weeks.

✓ Colored index showing the current month.

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Picture of free printable daily planner in A4 or letter Format to fill out, track your progress and reach your goals

Daily Planner (free download)

Free daily planner template

✓ Plan by hour or in 15-min intervals.

✓ Highlight top daily goals.

✓ Include to-dos seamlessly.

✓ Track habits and gratitude.

✓ PDF in A4/letter size.

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Person holding Birthday Calendar Poster pdf

Birthday Calendar

🎉 Keep track of all your loved ones' birthday!

🗓️ The whole year at a glance

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Plenty of space for names and photos

🎁 Perfect for planning in advance for birthday presents and activities

🖨 Printable in any size

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🌱 We plant a tree for every product you buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

😊 General Information

What is a circular calendar?
A circular calendar is a unique style of calendar that is designed to display time in a circular pattern rather than the traditional linear pattern. It offers a fresh perspective on time management and productivity.

What is the Round Method?
The Round Method is a productivity system developed by David Schellander that uses a circular calendar and related planners to help individuals achieve their goals and maximize their time.

How can I use the circular calendar and related planners?
The circular calendar and related planners can be used for daily, weekly, and monthly planning. They are designed to help you prioritize your tasks, set goals, and track your progress.

Can I use the circular calendar for both personal and professional purposes?
Yes, the circular calendar can be used for both personal and professional purposes.

Are there digital versions of the circular calendar and related planners available?
Yes, there are digital versions available in PDF format that can be downloaded immediately after purchase. They can be printed at home or at a printing service of your choice.

🛒 Purchasing Information

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