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The Story behind The Round Method

Nowadays nearly everything is digital. But despite all our digital tools and helpers we still use small sticky notes to write down our thoughts. Pretty interesting, isn't it?
It seems that all these modern apps can´t satisfy our demand for "real", "traditional" planning, for touching the paper with our hands and for the smell of fresh paper and ink.

We miss the process where our thoughts flow directly through our arm and the pen onto the paper, where they get eternalized.
Why aren´t there any great "analog" planners, with aesthetic design and meaningful functions which give us back the things we are craving for?

Well, there are - The Round Method.
Picture of free printable weekly planner in A4 Format to fill out, track your progress and reach your goals

Free Weekly Planner for printing (.pdf)

The Round Method - Weekly Planner is a free printable calendar; paper-based, offline, efficient. Perfect for all who love time management with pen and paper!

✓ Focus on our main tasks & reach your goals every day

✓ Plan ahead with the calendar view

✓ Pdf format

✓ Print easily in A4 / letter size

Our weekly planner is free, no email neede, no strings attached. If you like our free planner, you might like our monthly planner and circular calendar. We even plant a tree for every product you buy. 🌱

Free download

Even with our modern digital calendars, we often don't have time and focus for the really important things. But excactly those things help us to drive our vision and to reach our goals.

The printed planning tools by Round Method help to reconnect our daily schedule with our vision, dreams and bigger goals.

  • This planner is perfect to

    🚀 Plan your workweek

    🥑 Life healthier

    👩‍🎓 Focus on your thesis

    💪 Do more sports

    😊 Start a Gratitude Journal

    ...and so much more!

  • Features

    📆 Calendar View

    ✔ Main Task & Subtasks for every day

    🕒 Hourly View for every day

    📑 Cutable Flaps to indicate the month

    🖨 Optimized for easy printing

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