Monthly Planner


  • Monthly goals, most important tasks & todos Inscribable, ideal for Post-Its & Kanban
  • Daily view with much space for details
  • Monthly conclusion with next steps
  • Works for any month

One Month on one Page
Round Method Monthly Planner is a printable monthly planner.
Get an overview of your next month and achieve whatever goal you want to pursue.

Aligning your goals and your tasks
It is the perfect link between year planner and week planner and helps you align your bigger plans and goals with your daily activities.

Works for everyone
No matter what you are up to, the Round Method - Monthly Planner is a perfect fit: For product developing, for studying, for your next project, for planning your next vacation.


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How it works


Monthly Goals

What do you want to achieve?
Start by filling in the name of the current month.
Done? Perfect. The setup of your Monthly Planner is almost complete.
Round Method Monthly Planner is about the things you want to achieve.
Think of your three most important goals you want to reach until the end of the month. Plan ambitiously but still realistically, so that you can reach your goals with a little bit of effort. Your objectives should be s.m.a.r.t: specific, measurable, attractive, realistic, timly. If you already have a certain yearly goal (hint: you should have one) also fill it in the planner.

Other goals and upcoming months

What else do you want to achieve?
Use the right upper are in the planner to keep track of important events of the next months. A presentation, an important exam, planning a feast or going on a vacation? Capture events that need a longer period of time to prepare for.
Below you can write down up to six smaller goals you also want to reach this month.

Main tasks

Let's go
Break your goals in main tasks. Each task should bring you one step further to your desired goal. You can use different sticky notes for different tasks and subtasks. You can also use this area as a pool for ideas or for collecting tasks.


Get things done
Structure your tasks and ideas in the todo area and fill in some timly context.
You can use this area as a weekly view or similar to a kanban board. Take the sticky notes from the main tasks area and put them in the right spot depending on when you want to accomplish them.
Feel free to directly write on the planner but with sticky notes everything will stay flexible. If a task is done, just strike the point off the list or remove the sticky note. You can also group all the tasks done and happily look at all the things you have achieved so far.

Daily view

Missing Link
The daily view links your bigger monthly goals with the things you do on a daily basis.
Start by filling in the week days for each date. Then you can structure the area according to your needs and preferences.
Use the vertical lines as as  seperator e.g.for the time, by filling in 10am, 12pm, 2pm etc. This allows you to stay ahead of upcoming appointments. You can also use the vertical lines as seperators for categories e.g. private and work related things or for different projects.
Use the dotted area for drawing symbols or checkboxes to keep track of your progress.


What went well?
Use this area to save interesting things or for a reflection of the current month.
What went well? What didn't go well? Which tasks arise for next month and which ideas do you want to pursue further?

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