Circular Calendar

Circular Calendar - The Round Method

  • Space for annual goals, visions and resolutions in the middle
  • Round project plan for longer project phases
  • Weekly view for sub-goals and tasks
  • Daily view for events and deadlines
  • Works for every year (not time-bound, start at any time)

The whole year at a glance
From the vision and the big annual goals in the middle, to the weekly and daily level. With its innovative zone concept the Round Method - Circular Calendar offers a perfect overview at any time.

Overview or details? Overview And details!
It bridges our bigger objectives and resolutions and the things we do on a daily basis. All sub-goals and subtasks are visible at any time, while you still have an eye on the big picture.

Versatile and multifunctional
Perfect to reach your goals, focus on your vision, pursue your dreams or just use as a calendar to note down birthdays or other events.


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How it works

Circular Calendar - The whole year round!

What if you could intuitively and effectively plan projects, deadlines, and appointments – while always staying focused on your bigger goals and resolutions? Some year planners help you visualize goals; others keep track of daily tasks. The Round Method Circular Calendar is perfectly designed to do both.

(Some pictures below show the German-language calendar; there is also an English-language version.)

Details - What makes the Circular Calendar work so well?

Planning starts by writing out your annual goals and resolutions in the central gray circle: they’re always visible, right at the center of your year, and won’t get lost in daily business. In the surrounding segments, divide your goals into project phases and achievable weekly steps, increasing in detail as you move outwards.

In the outer ring, add your milestones, deadlines, and daily appointments.
In the corner of the calendar is a simple pictogram which acts as a key to the structure. Below the calendar, questions and examples are provided to inspire the best use of the different zones.

Of course, the dates of calendar weeks vary from year to year, and there are several conventions for counting them. So, for complete flexibility, they can be marked on the concentric grid wherever they’re needed. The Round Method Circular Calendar is not bound to a certain calendar year, so you can use it again and again.

Function - Using the calendar

The central circle holds your Vision Statement – your annual goals and resolutions. It includes all the great things you envision at the beginning of a new year, but which are often forgotten after a few weeks, lost in everyday worries. By writing them down at the center of your plans, your visions stay in focus and remain part of your daily life.

The inner ring contains the Mission Statement. Here goals can be divided into sub-goals or project phases. Using concentric arcs, like a bar chart, phases can run in parallel or one after another. This also enables the work of several people to be clearly represented, each person with their own arc.

In the Weekly View, sub-goals and project phases are broken down into achievable weekly steps and work packages. This is also a great place to monitor additional side-projects and events.
Finally, specific tasks and appointments are written in the Daily View – the outer circle.  When day-to-day events change your long-term plans, they’re right there in your Mission Statement, easily adjusted. Everything comes full circle.


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