Read 52 Books a Year? With this Circular Calendar it's a Breeze.

Read 52 Books a Year? With this Circular Calendar it's a Breeze.

Reading books can be an exciting experience, as well as an enriching one—especially when you read a good book! Whether you’re an avid reader or someone who has never read more than the newspaper, reading plenty of books can help you in all areas of your life, including at work and even in your love life! But reading 52 books this year might sound like an impossible goal. Here’s how to fit it into your schedule with ease by setting up a Circular Calendar and learning how to read faster while enjoying what you’re reading more.

Why Reading Makes You Successful

It may seem like reading takes too much time and effort, but in reality the opposite is true. Reading is one of the most productive things you can do. The author spent months of research and putting together this book. You can shortcut your way to success in just one or two hours per day. As you read, you'll be able to improve yourself and become more successful. More than that, reading improves productivity and creativity. There are many different types of books that will make you better at what you do: biographies, self-help books, novels - they're all beneficial in their own ways.

How To Become A Bookworm

The best way to do this is by making a plan, sticking to it and making reading a habit. When choosing books, you should pick ones that are either on your list or have been on your list for awhile but haven't been completed yet so you can cross them off your list as you go along. Read one book at a time until you finish it and then move on to the next one. If you find yourself struggling with one, just put it down for awhile until you're in the mood again and come back later. Start with a list of at least 12 books and gradually expand as you find new interesting books along the way.

The Idea Behind Circular Calendar

Circular Calendar helps break bigger goals in smaller, actionable tasks. It is perfect for long term goals, like reading 52 books a year! Circular calendar gives you the feeling that there are achievable next steps right in front of you at all times. At the same time it visualizes your progress so far und thus keeps you focused and motivated.

Smart Ways to Use Circular Calendar

Here are some tips on how to use Circular Calendar to succeed at your reading project:

  1. Write down your goal of reading 52 books in the middle of the planner. This way it will stay visible at all the time and you will stay focused and motivated.
  2. Take your list of books you want to read and write down the first 12 books in the first 12 weeks of the year.
  3. If you struggle putting togehter a list, choose a type of book for each month. E.g. start with novels in January and continue with biographies in February. Or choose a special topic like sci-fi or self-improvement for each month.
  4. Use the daily view in the outer ring to keep track of your reading progress. Just write down the number of pages you read on a certain day. Don't stress yourself if you miss your quota in the first days or sometimes during the process. You just have to build your reading muscle.
  5. Like with everything: Consistency and focus is key. Celebrate each little step to sucess and share your journey with others.


Photo by Hatice Yardım on Unsplash

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