Use your Wall Planner to write a Gratitude Journal

Use your Wall Planner to write a Gratitude Journal


How many times have you heard that gratitude is the key to happiness? If you're like most of us, it's probably more than once. But how often do you actually put that into practice? The truth is, we all have things to be grateful for every day—even if they're small things at first. I started my gratitude journal as a way to help me focus on what was going right in my life rather than all the little things that were going wrong. It quickly became one of the most important tools in my arsenal for living a happy, fulfilling life filled with gratitude!

A 2023 wall planner will allow you to write down lots of things you are grateful for.

Writing down your goals and blessings is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Your wall planner can help you keep track of the things that are important to you, and allow you to reflect on them at any time.

  • Write your daily tasks, schedule and goals in your wall planner every day so they are easy to refer back to when needed.

  • Use your wall planner as a gratitude journal by writing down all the things that make up each day: what happened, who was there, how did it feel? Then go through each month and write about the highlights of those days (or weeks).

Start a New Habit

Finally, if you want to do something new and stick with it, you need to make a plan. Your goals need to be specific (for example: “I am going to write the things I am greatful for each day”) and detailed (for instance: “I am going to write my journal every day at 6 PM”). You also need a routine that works for you – maybe writing in the morning is best for your schedule or maybe writing after dinner works better with your family's schedule. Whatever the situation may be, find what works best for you!

Don't worry about sticking perfectly to this routine because consistency is the key here. No one gets it right every time; everyone has off days where we don't accomplish as much as we'd like or even just forget about our goals entirely for a few days at a time. But if you can stay consistent with your work as much as possible, then eventually those good habits will become second nature and won't feel like such an effort anymore (which makes them easier).

Make Gratitude a Daily Ritual

When you have a wall planner, you can use it to write your own gratitude journal. Gratitude is one of the most important emotions to cultivate if you want to live a happy life. To help make this process easier, check out this article on how to start a gratitude journal!

Normally a gratitude journal is simply a notebook that you keep by your bedside and write down everything that makes your day better or just gives you joy before going to sleep. It’s an easy way for anyone to practice being grateful because all you have to do is open up the notebook and start writing down what makes today great for you (or any other day). The trick is keeping up with it every day—and this is where having a wall planner comes in handy because it will remind us every single day just because it is visible all the time!

You can just write down the things you were thankful for as bullet points or you can use a template like this:

  • My favorite part of my day was _________ because __________ was so fun/interesting/important/etc..

  • Today has been full of awesome moments because __________ happened twice!

Start a Gratitude Journal

Now that you have a habit of writing down your goals, it's time to add another component to your planning process. You can use your wall planner to write a Gratitude Journal.

This is a great way to keep track of the things you are grateful for and appreciate in life. When we are grateful for the little things, it makes us happier and more likely to be successful at achieving our goals.

To keep track of what you're grateful for:

  • Add an "I'm Grateful For" section that is visible all the time and that will remind you of all those good things. In this section, write down several things that you give thanks for on a daily basis. This can include friends and family members who support you; moments spent with loved ones; or even just being able to hear birds sing when you wake up in the morning (if they do). The point is that this list should reflect all those things which bring joy into your life—whether they seem big or small!

Write about your Blessings

  • Write down your blessings

  • Be specific and write down the date, time, and place of the blessing.

  • Describe how you felt when you received this blessing.

  • How did this make you feel? Why?

  • What did you do to receive this blessing?

Review Weekly or Monthly

  • Review your progress at the end of each week or month. This will help you stay motivated and keep on track with your goals.

  • Get inspired by a monthly calendar that tracks the dates of special events, like birthdays and anniversaries, as well as important family milestones like graduations, births, marriages and deaths. If there is an important event coming up for someone close to you in a few months’ time—for example, if one of your children has been accepted into college—you could plan ahead by noting it in your plan so that you can make sure they have everything they need when they start their new life away from home!

Plan your events and schedule in your gratitude journal with this 12-month circular calendar.

  • You can use any wall planner to keep track of the things you are grateful for. But Circular Calendar by The Round Method is the perfect fit to get yourself started on your gratitude journal.

  • It's easy! Just use the concentric rings in the middle of the circle to map out your annual goals, visions and resolutions over a longer time period (e.g., 6 months or 1 year).

  • In the weekly view, you can write down what makes you happy about your week.

  • And in the daily view, keep track of all things that make you feel grateful for each day!


Now that you’ve read this article, we hope you are inspired to start a gratitude journal. We believe that practicing gratitude can improve your quality of life and help you reach your goals.


You can use pretty much any planner to start your gratitude journal - the only important thing is that you start. Here you can find more details about our Circular Calendar which is perfect as a huge wall planner for your gratitude journal.


Photo by Lucas Lenzi on Unsplash

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